I have 4 photos that I’ve missed for the photography course.

The first one is “connect”. This one ties in nicely with my love of drive through things. At the post office they have a drive through lane where you just drive up and pop the post into the letterbox without getting out of your car. I can see how this would be very useful as

  1. Finding a postbox in UK is pretty tricky
  2. Finding a parking space anywhere near a post box is even harder!
  3. Most post offices are on a high street so don’t have a separate car park. The post offices around here are all separate buildings with plenty of parking and drive through post boxes, much more convenient!

FullSizeRender 82

The second task was “big and point of view”. This one reminded me of the photo I took in San Diego of the giant couple beside the USS Midway. I liked how huge they were compared to everything else around them.


The third task was “natural world” which is fun here as we still find the landscape so different to back home. I really miss the spring flowers, the daffodils and tulips that should be coming out at this time of year. There are still flowers out here but they’re quite different to back home. I particularly liked this yellow one we found while out on a walk.


The fourth task was “warmth and quality of light”. To find a “warm” picture, I had to go all the way back to our holiday in Kauai. The sun looks warm here rather than more recent photos where the winter sun still looks chilly!




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