I succeeded in painting my toes today. It took a few attempts but toe by toe we managed it. Living in Arizona means almost year round flip flop wear which means toes need to be neatly painted at all times. Recently I’ve been stretching this to once every 2-3 weeks and wearing shoes some days but the weather has got hotter and my ankles have got fatter and I now have to wear my flip flops for any prolonged walking.

This has been my favourite colour to paint them recently. It’s by Sparitual and is called Strike a Pose, I love nail varnish names! A nice mid-tone pink which goes with most things and has quite a watery formula so makes it easier to manage when I can only just reach my right foot.

Chris bought me it for Christmas as this brand is supposed to have less of the harmful chemicals in it (I know it is still full of chemicals but in a world full of guilt for pregnant women if you can feel like you’re doing something not so bad, it does make you feel better!). If it can make my fat feet look a tiny bit better, it’s my best friend right now! I’ll spare you a picture of my feet!


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