Just like every other “holiday” this is another event where the shops go mad and fill the shelves not just with chocolate shapes but plastic Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, chicks, carrots and Easter egg hunt paraphernalia. Peter Rabbit seems to make quite an appearance around this time of the year too! You can even go to shopping malls and have your photograph taken with the Easter bunny, a la Santa Clause at Christmas….that definitely didn’t exist when I was a child!

They don’t seem to sell many “big” easter eggs here and I only found one egg with something inside, oddly enough it was a Cadburys egg with mini eggs inside. Don’t be fooled though, mini eggs taste nothing like the eggs at home, the chocolate is totally different. Same with Creme eggs, we tried them last year, the chocolate is the US version, not the familiar UK version. They have quite a lot of rabbit shaped chocolates including a solid chocolate bunny that comes with a peanut butter dip?! They even have a giant gummy rabbit!

Peeps are also very popular, we think they must be an acquired taste, we tried them last year. We thought they would be marshmallow but they’re just sugar coated foam, they didn’t have any flavour, just an odd texture? They make a lovely display in a shop though!

M&Ms in egg shapes and mini wrapped eggs seem to be the most popular. I particularly like the little plastic eggs that you can buy and pop the small chocolate eggs into. As children my brother and I loved a good Easter egg hunt but some of those eggs can be tiny and we’d find them hidden in random places weeks afterwards. This makes them easier to find, looks very pretty and means you can move the hunt outdoors, weather dependent. I’m looking forward to our easter egg hunt this year!


Pink Pear Bear


  1. It’s so interesting to hear about the differences between UK and US Easter chocolate and paraphernalia!! That shop looks amazing, where you took the pictures! I hope the weather is good enough for you to do an Easter egg hunt-that will make a great post to read!
    Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink!

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