Hello world! I was born on Wednesday 23rd March 2016, 8.51pm and weighing 7lb 12oz. Mummy isn’t sure about putting my real name on the blog so to everyone that reads this I’m going to be known by my nickname, Flossie.

I surprised mummy and daddy by being born at 39weeks +1day. They thought I was so comfortable in there I would stay for a few more weeks. Luckily they were pretty much prepared for my arrival and fortunately Daddy hadn’t gone to a meeting in Texas that day!

Here are some facts about me…

I have a full head of dark blonde hair that we knew to expect as we could see it on the last ultrasound!

I love to sleep for long stretches of the day.

Feeding can be hard work but mummy and I are getting better at it, we’ll be pro’s in no time.

Mummy got to ring the baby chime as we left the hospital to celebrate my birth.

I really enjoyed my ride home from the hospital in my car seat, I didn’t cry once!

I have very very tiny but very very sharp nails that daddy has to cut with tiny scissors.

Both mummy and daddy are head over heels in love with me and are very excited about all the things we’re going to do and learn together!


Petite Pudding

20 comments on “WELCOME TO THE WORLD

  1. Welcome Flossie!
    What an absolute cutie pie 😊, looking forward to hearing all about your adventures in the next few months hope you can join us again for #PuddingLove

    🍰 X


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