WARNING WARNING, mushiness alert! We’re not ones for mushiness and I would never normally vocalise “feelings”, especially online but the events of the last week have made me realise just how lucky we are and that sometimes things need to be acknowledged and people need to be appreciated publicly for the great job they’re doing.

This week my favourites are these two.

Flossie, it goes without saying, we absolutely love everything about her.

Chris, is the unsung hero of our house at the moment. He’s been attentive and supportive, helping us all stick together as we adjust to our new lives. He is doing an amazing job of being the best daddy and husband I could imagine. He’s thrown himself straight into “daddy-hood” with no prompting or asking needed and seems to be enjoying every minute. Despite having to go back to work almost straight away (no paternity leave here!), he’s changing nappies, comforting her and helping settle her in the night with no complaints or moans.

As we have no family here, he’s done everything he can to look after me. He didn’t leave my side in hospital other than when I forced him to go out to get some real food rather than hospital food! He helped me through the toughest parts of labour and everything that comes after. He also reminds me that I cant do it all by myself and it’s ok to ask for help. In fact, he has a better appreciation than perhaps I do of what my body has been through and the fact that it will take time to heal and that I do need time to rest and recover. He has cooked, cleaned, washed, gone to get my prescriptions, shopped, driven us around and cheered me up when I’m upset (hormone madness!) all with a smile on his face. Of course there are times we’re both tired and a bit crabby and snappy but everyone has those moments. In short, he has been an absolute star. He will of course say it’s no big deal and he would do these things regardless,  which is true, but I want him to know how much I appreciate him and all the things he’s doing for us. And in the words of Forrest Gump…”that’s all  I have to say about that”… enough of the soppy stuff for now!

Run Jump Scrap!

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