Hello everybody, I am already 1 week old! I’ve had a very busy week, it’s flown by.

I had my first trip to Target, Costco and Starbucks. I had brunch at Snooze (the waitress liked me so much she gave mummy and daddy a free pancake!) and ice cream at Sweet Republic.

I met all of my Grandparents and my Uncle on Skype. I had a visit from our friends and their little boys who were very kind and gentle with me, they brought me some lovely cuddly toys. I also met my pediatrician who weighed me and measured me and said I was perfect.


Things I love…

Sleeping – mainly in the day not at night and especially in my car seat or bouncer.

Eating – I’ve made huge progress with this and hopefully we’ve cracked it.

Screaming – at any opportunity where I don’t get my own way instantly!

My arms – I love to wave them around, stick them in the air all the time and bat things away with them.

Pulling faces – I’m particularly good at “old man face”!

Car seat – I’m nice and calm once I get strapped into the car seat.

Things I dislike…

Being naked – I do not like any item of clothing being removed!

Hiccups – I get them at least twice every day.

My super sharp finger nails – I sometimes scratch my face with them and dig them in when mummy is feeding me – not fun!

My funniest moment this week was our first episode of projectile pooping. Mummy thought it had been deflected and caught by a baby wipe but I managed to hit the wall and the skirting board without her realising…hehehehe!

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39 comments on “I AM 1 WEEK OLD

  1. Oh my goodness, look at that tiny little squish! The first week of my son’s life was very excitement filled as well, with grandparents flying in from across the country, and people wanting to meet him. It was fun, but I know you’ll be happy when things settle, and you find your routine. Many congratulations! ❤ #StayClassy


  2. Aw she is adorable! I love this update, mostly because I can related to every item on the list…except for explosive poo happened when he was lying on our nice white duvet with only a diaper on, he has also peed on me too, watch out for that (although might not be as bad with a girl : ) )!! Haha thanks for linking up with #StayClassy!

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  3. Ahh what a cutie pie! Happy one week old birthday! I’m impressed by how much you have accomplished in one week! Thanks so much for joining us for #bloggerclubuk, hope you will be back again tomorrow! x

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  4. OMG she is just adorable!!! So cute!! I can’t believe she has done so much in just 1 week!! With my first daughter I took so much longer to take her out but with my second one I was much more relaxed and was out with her everywhere although I don’t think we did all those things during her first week! lol She really does look comfy in her carseat. My daughters hated their carseat until they were about 7 months!! It was a nightmare to be in the car with them but now they of course love it!! Thanks so much for sharing this at #KCACOLS. I’m so happy that you are back for this week!! I hope to see you again on Sunday!! 🙂 xx

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    • Thank you! My husband was on holiday that week so we were able to get out and about easily! Luckily she still loves her car seat, it’s funny how there’s no pattern to what they like and of course they change their mind on a daily basis! Thanks for hosting, love your link!

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  5. Aw just adorable! you forget how little and cute they are at this age – massive congrats! You have such excitiing times ahead – mine’s now 16 months and walking, it really does go so fast! xx #KCACOLS

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