March was a busy month but we managed to tick 2 out of 3 tasks off our list which isn’t bad?!

We managed to walk almost every day until baby arrived and were easily clocking up 10 miles a week. We even squeezed in a walk around the block on the morning of the day she was born…it was very slow but we managed to stay active right till the end!

We managed to read to the baby every night until she was born. It was a great thing for us to do together every night and a great way for  Daddy to bond with bump!

I did start the photography course but found it difficult to keep up with almost daily photos, especially once baby arrived! Maybe one day I’ll try again when I have more time.

This month we have three more goals…

  1. Start Flossie’s baby book so we can keep a record of all the things we do.
  2. Another photography one, this time to organise our photos. I read a great tip on a blog to “favorite” photos on our phones on a weekly basis and start a photo book online so we don’t have to sift through thousands of photos when we eventually decide to do something with them.
  3. Get back into baking. I have a huge list of recipes I’d like to try if I get a few spare minutes and a strong urge to eat cake at the moment!



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