This is a really random one…Duck Adhesive Remover… it’s a new discovery for me that I feel needs to be shared with the world! I didn’t know products like this existed and I certainly wouldn’t have expected them to work so I was surprised when my mum and dad recommended it.

My problem was this….


Not one but two of those super annoying sticky labels on the front of the newly constructed cot. Impossible to peel off and the sticky backing remained intact when I tried to soak the labels off with water. No amount of scraping was going to remove the residue, at least not without also removing the paint, my nail varnish and breaking a finger nail!

I asked for advice of what I could use and was surprised that I didn’t know such a product existed and worked! I’ve spent hours scraping and soaking sticky labels in the past – theres still residue left on 2 lamps I bought almost a year ago!

We bought this in Target but you can also get it on Amazon. You use the sponge applicator to spread the liquid over the label. Replace the lid and leave for about 30seconds. Then use the scraper on the lid to scrape the sticky off.

Easy Peasy! It came off no problem at all. The scraper is very rigid so if you have cheap IKEA furniture like us, you  have to be careful not to dig too deep as it feels like it may be able to scratch the paint but it didn’t do any damage to our cot. Rinse the area with some water, dry and the job is done!


I was so impressed that it worked so quickly and easily, that’s why i’m sharing it, I may be the only person that didn’t know this stuff existed but I think everyone needs to know about it! Next, to tackle the lamps!

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