When we were in New York we visited Shake Shack in Union Square, at the time we were on a strict pre-wedding diet so neither of us can really remember much about it other than it was very very busy!

We already have a firm favourite burger place which has been mentioned a few times on my blog before. Zinburger does amazing gourmet burgers, chilli cheeses fries and milkshakes, they’re the complete package! For fast food my favourite is Five Guys and for Chris it’s a toss up between Five Guys and In N Out. So when Shake Shack opened up nearby we decided to test it out to see if there’s room in our restaurant rotation for it! Luckily, burgers particularly homemade burgers were a firm favourite during my pregnancy so we were happy to test it out!

We visited after work as its only been open a few weeks and we had seen huge queues online which we were keen to avoid. We timed it perfectly, no queue and plenty of seating although it’s almost all outside so I’m not sure what will happen when summer and dust storms arrive….


My family are big fans of Shake Shack, they’ve been to both the New York and London locations on numerous occasions. They recommend the SmokeShack which Chris had. It’s a bacon cheese burger with cherry peppers and Shack Sauce. I had a Shack Burger which is a cheeseburger, I have mine without tomato or sauce. We shared a portion of chips and a strawberry milkshake….for testing purposes only of course!!


The fries were yummy, they’re crinkle cut but not oily or greasy and nicely flavored. The burger for me is a bit plain, I have this problem at a lot of places as I don’t eat sauces or tomato or pickles. At Five Guys or home I can add toppings to add interest but here it’s just a nice thin cheeseburger. It tasted great but just a little plain compared to other options. Chris really enjoyed his and next time I might be brave and give the SmokeShack a whirl despite the sauce….especially as all my family recommend it!


The milkshake was really good, much nicer than Five Guys (that’s one thing that lets Five Guys down, in our opinion).


Obviously we didn’t need dessert after all that but again the Concretes (their version of ice cream or frozen custard) come highly recommended by my family so I think a return trip to test out the puddings is needed before we make a firm decision about where Shake Shack ranks in our burger league table!

Cuddle Fairy

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