I am 3 weeks old today!

I’ve had a busier week this week. I’ve been to the park, the post office, Target, walked around the shops, Zinburger, the Outlets and the IKEA car park!

Mummy and I had a lovely day out, I wore one of mum’s favourite outfits and I slept all the way around Target which mummy negotiated with my push chair and a shopping basket (not brave enough to try a trolley yet!). I also let her have a coffee, a cake and a wander around some shops. I was a very good girl!

FullSizeRender 99

I went to my first baby group this week. I missed the first half an hour because mummy got the times wrong but we turned up late and it wasn’t as daunting as I’d thought. The lady mummy sat next to was very nice and there were 2 other littles boys there who were about the same age me. There was a lady talking about how to childproof your house as I grow and mummy learnt some useful tips, especially about electrical sockets or “outlets” as they’re called here. They don’t have switches on them and sometimes you see huge sparks as you plug things in so we found a product we can use to block off the ones we don’t need completely which will be very useful for the one I will be able to reach when I go into my cot!

I’m much more alert this week, I’ve started smiling and making all sorts of noises, especially when I’m supposed to be sleeping. Occasionally I sound just like Shaun the sheep in A Close Shave, that is mummy and daddy’s favourite noise!

I’d like to say a huge thank you as I received some more lovely presents from friends and family. I received some lovely outfits, some toys, books, a plate set that matches my activity mat  and some beautiful handmade booties. I also received lots of lovely cards which mummy loves!

Things I love…

Playmat -I’ve started to play on my playmat and will look towards things and with a bit of help kick the duck that rattles. Mummy is going to have a look at some other toys I might like this weekend. If anyone has any recommendations please let her know!

Sleeping – Despite being put down in the conventional top to bottom position and my legs being swaddled together, I manage to rotate through 90 degrees every night! This is my favorite position to wake up in.

Eating – I’m one hungry Horace! I think the doctor will be very pleased how much weight I’ve gained at my next appointment.

White noise – I still enjoy listening to the hairdryer noise, it helps me fall asleep if I’m restless.

Things I dislike…

Rain – We met for the first time at the weekend (first rain here for over 2 months). Now, it doesn’t just drizzle here, if it’s raining, it’s pouring, often with thunder and the weather on Sunday was  exactly that! We had errands to run so we had to go outside and even with the “dream drape” on my car seat I got a little bit soggy. Maybe once I get a rain cover I’ll be happier to go out, or , as it rains so infrequently, we’ll just stay indoors those days!

Night time- I appear to be a bit of a night owl. I’m often alert and active in the night and sleep more during the day. Mummy ana daddy have their fingers crossed that I’m starting to learn the difference but we’ll have to wait and see.

Wind -both the weather variety when we’re out walking and the internal variety after I’ve eaten. Luckily Daddy is getting pretty good at getting the big burps out! I’m enjoying being so un-ladylike while I can get away with it!


My funniest moment this week was my first nappy blow out. I managed to get poop all over mummy who was holding me at the time and all the way up the back of my onesie into my hair! Mummy and I cleaned up easily in the bath. The poor onesie was bleached twice and washed three times but unfortunately didn’t survive, it’s gone to onesie heaven. Luckily i have plenty more in my wardrobe to destroy. Mummy and Daddy are now on high alert with every noise I make!



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16 comments on “I AM 3 WEEKS OLD

  1. Oh this is gorgeous!! The onesie comment really made me laugh, we’ve had a few go to onesie heaven too! Although Vanish is definitely our friend and has saved lots. I don’t want to give you false promise about them learning night and day too soon though haha. Some babies seem to, others…not so much! I’m still impressed about how much you are doing with such a little baby – first baby group and everything. Go you!


  2. Flossie, you little tinker. I liked that onesie! Suggestions for new toys now that you are more alert….my babies loved a ball of any kind. You can get OBalls with a rattle, which are easy for babies to grip on to. We also have a big soft ball with a chime. Anything musical is good. And finally, blowing bubbles. Babies are mesmerised by them. Happy shopping 🙂


  3. Aww she’s beautiful! Even with an extremely windy poohy bottom I’m sure! Don’t know if you know about the trick to pull a baby vest down over the shoulders rather than up over their heads? I only found this after passing the poonami stage with my first 😉 My baby has just turned 7 months. Time goes so quickly. Enjoy every minute and hope you get some more sleep soon 🙂

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  4. She is just too divine!!! What a gorgeous poppet!! It is just a marvel isn’t it, when they manage to get poo so far up their back, it gets in their hair!! Can you imagine that party trick as an adult!! I’m sorry she’s keeping you up a bit at night-my eldest sorted this at about 6 weeks!! Being able to wander around the shops and have a peaceful coffee is a bonus though! And I hope you keep enjoying the baby groups-I loved those, and went to loads! Thanks for sharing with #bigpinklink.


  5. This was absolutely precious!!! I miss these days sooo much (missing the explosive nappies? mmm maybe not so much!) and I can’t believe how much my babe has grown already. You hang on to these bits as they go way too fast for your liking! She’s absolutely beautiful. And you’ve been so very active (much better than I was!).

    This was really a lovely update and gives me tons of feels right in the gut. I agree with PP OBalls are great and mine still plays with theirs. Any rattle of any kind (you can even get a water bottle and fill it with rice). Soft toys are for when she’s a bit older but you can still try them out so she can practice her grip! #KCACOLS

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  6. Adorable 3 weeks old. I remember it fondly. I had a summer baby and it didn’t rain much. I live onesie heaven! Have plenty of squishy cuddles #kcacols

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