As I have been tied to the sofa all day with a very demanding, hungry baby I thought I’d make use of my one free hand and tip-tap an extra blog post.

This time last year, we had just arrived in Las Vegas to celebrate my birthday. We had a brilliant time eating, drinking and exploring. What a difference a year makes!  I’m not sure what we have planned for my birthday this year but it will be much more child friendly than Las Vegas!


This year we’ll be celebrating in quite a different style. There’s no chance of getting out the house early, relaxing by the pool, eating in a fancy restaurant or watching a show. There’ll be no cocktails or Black Jack but plenty of coffee and nappy roulette!

Hopefully we’ll have some sort of yummy breakfast and hopefully it will be more successful than last year. It’s a running joke that we got up super early, travelled a good few miles on a not so great bus to a more run down area of LasVegas for what TripAdvisor claimed were the best pancakes in the city. Turns out they were distinctly average, bordering on poor compared to all the other lovely, fancy breakfast options right on our doorstep on The Strip! We still have a good laugh about that particular breakfast now and Chris is keen not to repeat that mistake! 

The weather will hopefully be nice and warm, just like last year and hopefully all three of us can just have a nice day together. Unfortunately my family and friends still can’t be  part of the celebrations but baby Flossie will make up for that.

Now how do you tell a 3 week old baby that the best birthday present you could have would be uninterrupted night time sleep….worth a try?!

Petite Pudding


  1. Hope this years birthday was better and the great pancake disaster was avoided! There is nothing worse than travelling for under average food. I expect little Flossie did sleep through the night for you….! thanks for joining us again #PuddingLove


  2. I love Las Vegas! It’s one of my top wedding venues, should I ever be fortunate enough to get married, haha! I went there nearly 6 years ago (time has flown) and I have to admit I did think that in many ways it would be a great family destination, although perhaps not for a 3 week old. You are brave to be thinking about any kind of birthday celebration at that age! Have a good one, and thanks for linking up to #StayClassy

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  3. That sounds like an awesome birthday! Yes, it will be MUCH different with a baby lols. : ) What pancake place did you try to go to? I LOOOOVE pancakes, I used to go to IHOP all the time back home (not the BEST pancakes in the world, but they were delish), I also loved this places called Mama’s in San Francisco..if you ever visit, definitely check it out, they are well known for their breakfast. Side note: I hope your little one gives you a break soon, I know how tiresome the first few weeks of breastfeeding can be!!! Thanks again for linking up with #StayClassy.

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