I am 1 month old already and as expected the time has flown by!
I’ve been growing nicely, the doctor says I weigh 9lbs which is perfect. That explains why I now need size 1 nappies, which is handy as we’d just run out of the newborn size!
I have also just about grown out of my newborn onesie, I’ve become very long all of a sudden, I’m now 21 inches tall! Soon I should fit into all the lovely clothes people have sent me!

I’ve been to two baby classes this week. At the one where Mummy needed to listen to learn things I screamed and cried the whole time while all the other babys slept.

I got some more lovely presents this week in the post and mummy got present for her birthday too.

Things I love….

Making funny noises – when I’m awake I like to grunt and squeak a lot. When I’m in my car seat in the shops people probably think Mummy has a baby pig under the cover!

Tummy time – I really like tummy time and I’m getting very good at holding my head up. I like to peer over Mummy and Daddy’s shoulder when they carry me too, although sometimes I forget and my head goes floppy!


Stories – I enjoy listening to a story while being fed. I’m not interested in the book or pictures yet but mummy and daddy like reading to me.

Motion – I’ve finally started falling asleep in the car and the pushchair. Pushing me back and forwards is good exercise for Mummy and Daddy. Hopefully, I’ll start to enjoy the movement of the bouncer and the Rock and Play soon.


Things I dislike….
Crafts – Mummy and Daddy tried to get me to cooperate to make some “cute crafts”…I showed them who was boss! Maybe we can try again when I’m older!

Mummy cuddles- Other babies seem to be comforted by curling up and sleeping on their mums’ chest. I feel this is pointless, if I’m awake then I want to be fed!  She sometimes tries to sneak them when I’m asleep but usually I’ll wake up cos it’s feeding time, hehe, I’m a little monkey!


Wind – or “gas” as its called here. Mummy get blank stares when she discusses “wind” with other “moms” at the baby group! It’s still a big problem but luckily my uncle recommended some drops I can use to help and they’ve definitely made an improvement.

My funniest moment this week is when daddy tries to burp me and I’m still hungry, I will grab hold of his finger, horizontally, with my mouth and nibble up and down it. It looks like I’m playing the harmonica!





6 comments on “I AM 1 MONTH OLD

  1. oh my gosh those pictures are all so precious, the cuteness i can’t! isn’t it always very typical that your little babe is going to be the odd one out in the sea of other babes!? ah well, they do love to make life interesting and keep us on our toes!

    i’m so glad you’re getting a handle on the wind (its wind! gas is just strange to me) it plagues a lot of babies and i always feel so sorry for them!

    the newborn noises are also tooooooo cute i love them so much as well as the little squeaky newborn cry! the screaming is stressful though!

    lovely update i look forward to more! x


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