Hehe, brilliant joke, and we’re actually a big fan! This quiche is an adaptation of this recipe by Sally’s baking addiction. It’s goats cheese, roasted red pepper and spinach.

I’m not sure I’ve made pastry since school cookery lessons and that was a disaster but this recipe was really easy to follow, the directions where clear and I was really impressed by the buttery crumbly pastry it produces. We actually thought it was nicer than all of the shop bought quiches we’ve tried!

Yes, it does require a bit of time and effort but it’s definitely worth it. I’ve made it twice now, the pastry recipe makes enough for  two quiches and you can freeze the unused portion of pastry for a later date. Once thawed, it baked just as well as the fresh pastry. You can also freeze the quiche fully made and again it tasted just as good once thawed and reheated or even thawed and cold on a picnic.

I can’t find sun dried tomatoes here like the original recipe used so I use a couple of roasted red peppers from a jar. They go really well with the goats cheese and spinach filling. Also handy as we had peppers and goats cheese left over from making pizza! I made this the day before Flossie was born and it was a great treat to have in the the fridge when we got home from hospital a few days later. It hadn’t gone soggy and was just as tasty as the day it was made.

So, if you fancy making quiche with a recipe that works brilliantly well, I’d highly recommend giving this one a whirl!


2 comments on “QUICHE…I’M NOT A FLAN…

  1. Ah this looks delicious! And it makes 2! I need something fairly easy to make because I am terrible cook, this doesn’t look too bad! Thanks so much for sharing with #StayClassy! Hope Flossie is doing well. : )

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