I’m really enjoying reading to Flossie while I feed her at the moment. Even though she’s too little to understand or even look at the pictures, I like to think she enjoys it too! I’ve become particularly fond of rhyming books, I like the flow and the fact that they’re generally fun stories to read, which makes it more interesting for me as there’s no interaction yet.

We’ve tried quite a few from the library. We can’t quite get the hang of Dr Seuss yet, too many made up words, although we haven’t tried the most popular Cat in the Hat or Green Ham And Eggs yet, I’m still on the lookout for those. We also didn’t have any luck with the Llama Llama series as “Llama llama red pajama” rhymes fine but “Llama llama wants his Mama” just doesn’t work with our accent, I can’t bring myself to say “Marrrma” to make it rhyme, think we’ll have to accept that’s an American one and doesn’t translate to a British accent!

I have two particular favourites. Each Peach Pear Plum, which I loved as a child, I love the illustrations in this one too and can’t wait to play eye spy with Flossie when she’s able to. Giraffes Can’t Dance is a new find and its a really nice story which I even find entertaining and again has lovely pictures for when she gets older.

We’re planning our first trip to the library together this week so hopefully we’ll find some more rhyming books to read!


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