April was so busy, we didn’t do very well on our list! This month I’m going to keep the same 3 tasks and hopefully make a bit more progress!

I haven’t had time to properly start Flossie’s baby book, I have lots of ideas but housework always seems to get in the way! At least once a week I’m going to devote an hour to this before she gets too old!

I have started to sort through a few of the hundreds of photos on my phone but there’s no photo book yet! Again, starting today I’m going to make more of an effort!

I’ve had the most success with baking, I think I’ve made 2 cakes this month, some gluten free funfetti cupcakes and a gluten free creme egg brownie…both were packet mixes but I’m counting them as baking! Hopefully this month I can try a few more recipes.

Fingers crossed next month I’ll have made some more progress!


6 comments on “MAY BUCKET LIST

  1. It sounds like you are doing far more than I ever did! If I was dressed before lunch time it was a major achievement. I caught up on the whole series of Great British Bake Off while breastfeeding my first. I would sit with my feet up, baby on one side and breast pump on the other. Leave the housework for Chris and relax while you can 🙂


  2. Packet mixes definitely count! There is still an element of baking so it definitely counts! Have a look for online photo printing – sure you can get loads of deals to get 50 free prints so that may give you a head start on your photo printing for her baby book!
    Thanks for linking up again. Enjoy the sun!! xx

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