This is how Mummy thinks her bedroom should look…


Bed is made, everything put away, Boppy is nearby, clean burp cloth and blanket ready for action.

In reality, most days since baby Flossie arrived, this is how it usually looks…not just in the morning, but all day!


Bed is stripped from baby sick in the middle of the night. Wet towel from baby bath. Changing mat, nappy and wipes=standard. IPad for middle of night feeds. I spy pyjamas and a cereal bowl there, that means I had a shower and ate breakfast…it must have been a good day!

This is what I now call the “Flossie Effect”. When  I question Flossie about all this mess and whether we could maybe be a bit more tidy, she gives me a look that says “Mummy, what you don’t realize is your bed is now  not just for sleeping but it’s another dumping ground for all my paraphernalia! I may only be 22 inches long but I take up a lot of room. You can tidy it up when I nap or you can eat and possibly have time to get dressed…the decision is yours?!!” So for now, that’s how our bed is going to look on a regular basis. Maybe I could persuade a local art gallery that it’s modern art and sell it to pay for a cleaner?!!



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