I would call this “Patience cake” as it takes 3 hours in the slow cooker and if you’re waiting for it, that’s a long time….but on the plus side, your house smells delicious for 3 hours!

I didnt know  you could make cakes in a slow cooker until I received a slow cooker recipe book for my birthday. This recipe I found accidentally online and as I had all of the ingredients in the cupboard I decided to give it a go. It was really easy to make and I like the fact that once you’ve set the timer you can leave it and not have to keep checking the oven every 2 minutes as you do with regular recipes. It seems pretty fool-proof! My slow cooker only has an 8 or 10 hour low setting so I plugged it into a timer switch at the wall and it turned off after 3 hours so you would be able to set this off in the morning and come home to cake at tea time which would be a lovely treat!


It’s quite a dense cake, more like a pudding consistency than a light sponge but still very tasty and I guess you could add icing if you felt it needed it or you wanted to make it look more fancy. Because of the shape of the slow cooker, it’s pretty hard to make the slices look dainty, this is definitely a doorstop cake, not that I’m complaining, there’s no such thing as too much cake!


I’ll definitely try some more cake recipes in the slow cooker, if anyone has any suggestions please share them, I’ve seen one for a peach cobbler which looks delicious!

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