I am 2 months old!

Being 2 months old is celebrated by having 5 vaccinations…the nurse squeezed one into my mouth and stabbed me in each leg, I got two plasters or “band aids” as they’re called here. I screamed because it hurt but then I was allowed to look out of the window which cheered me up. Mummy said I was very good. I hope I don’t have to have these every month?!

I’m pretty much finished with my newborn clothes now and I’m starting to fit into a lot of the pretty clothes people sent me.

I had my first trip to the supermarket which I didn’t enjoy! I do like the park though and we’ve been a few times this month.

Daddy was very clever and applied for my passport for me. He took me to get my photos done, which were very tricky and I now have my very own shiny new American passport!

We joined a new class this month. It involves mummy running around a car park, doing push up, squats and lots of other exercises. I sit in my stroller with all the other babies and watch. Mummy says it’s very hard work, I’m not sure I believe her as I often fall asleep as we run over the bumps and when I open my eyes we’re already home, doesn’t seem that hard to me!

Things I love…

Smiling – when I smile people get very excited so I’ve been practicing a few times a day, it usually helps me get what I want too!


Looking at things – I particularly enjoy ceiling fans, blinds, lights, my mobiles, mirrors, windows  and clouds. I also like to track Mummy and Daddy as they move past, make sure they’re behaving!


Facing forward – I love to be able to see what’s going on and where I’m going. I don’t want to miss out on anything!


My soft skin – I’m very pleased to report that my baby acne has cleared up and my super soft skin has returned. I understand that it’s a phase most of us go through but it is not pretty!

Things I dislike….

Carriers – Mummy keeps putting me in a carrier and walking me around the block. All I can see is her chest so I headbut her to tell her to turn me around. She let me be forward facing once and I loved it! Unfortunately she’s read too many books that say I have to be older before I can face forward else I might damage my neck or hips so for now they’ll have to just carry me instead of wearing me!


Dummies – they keep popping one of these in my mouth when I’m upset and I don’t understand why?! It doesn’t give me any milk and often makes me cough….no thank you!

Repetition – Doing the same thing for more than 3 minutes is boooooooooooooring!

My funniest moments this month include kicking my legs so hard that I can almost move, I’m just trying to roll onto my tummy, this is very hard and frustrating but I often get an audience and giggles while I’m trying! People also laugh at my favourite feeding/sleeping position… Apparently I look like a person from ancient Greece being fed grapes by their servant…I’m just comfortable!



2 comments on “I AM 2 MONTHS OLD

  1. Oh my gosh, I just love her. That face! That smile!

    BTW, your pediatrician can give you a copy of the vaccination schedule. From what I remember the shots are fairly frequent in the first year.


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