It’s  been well over a month since my birthday and I’ve just realised that I’ve forgotten to record all the lovely things we did! Flossie was only 3 weeks old, she looks tiny in the photos!

We started with cocktails and pancakes for breakfast. This was my first alcoholic drink in 9 months so I went with a mimosa rather than tequila at 10am in the morning! It was yummy and luckily didn’t send me to sleep! Flossie was very good and slept while we ate. The restaurant, Snooze, was very good for babies and even has a frame that you can pop your car seat in to transform it into a high chair.

We went for a trip around the shops and had a walk around a new park. I even had a quick trip to  Dollar Tree, one of my favourites shops!

Flossie and Chris had bought me some lovely presents and there were balloons waiting for me in the living room.

As she’d been so good at breakfast we decide not to push our luck with Flossie at tea time so we had take away pizza from Whole Foods and it was delicious, it even tasted good reheated the next day. On Sunday we ate at one of our favourite restaurants,  Zinburger, to prolong the celebrations and Chris also managed to make me an amazing chocolate cake!

I had a lovely first birthday as a Mummy, we’ve set the standard very high for years to come!

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