May was a lovely month thanks to our trip home, we did still manage to make some progress on our tasks!

I’ve had a rethink about Flossie’s baby book and now have a more realistic idea of something achievable in the tiny pockets of free time we have….watch this space!

I downloaded the Shutterfly app and have “favourited” the photos on my phone that I would like in a book, now I just need to put the two together!

I’ve made brownies and slow cooker chocolate cake in May, I now have my eye on some dairy free chocolate chip cookies….Yummy yummy!

This month I would like some new goals and continue with my unfinished projects in the background. Here’s our new three…

  1. Finish the nursery properly, Flossie’s doesn’t sleep in there yet but there’s bits we need to finish and then I’d like to take pictures before it gets too lived in!
  2. Make 2 new slow cooker recipes. We have a few regulars which are great but I’d like to add a bit more variety.
  3. Go to my exercise group at least twice a week, the time has changed now that it’s moved indoors and it’s not quite as convenient but I’d like to find a way to make it work to give us both an outing in the heat!

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