I finally found it!

Ever since we first found out that baby Flossie was on the way, I have been on a mission to find the perfect nursery rhyme book. I wanted one just like I had as a child, traditional but not too old fashioned and most importantly nicely illustrated.

A lot of the American books have American rhymes that we’ve never heard of, so on our recent trip home I looked in all the bookshops but struggled to find what I was looking for. Maybe they’re the sort of things shops only have at Christmas or maybe they’ve just fallen out of favour as gifts? I did look on the internet too but it’s hard to buy books online without seeing them in person.

While Flossie was napping the other day, we popped into a local book shop in Phoenix where we’ve have had some luck in the past locating “British” stories that we remember from childhood. I found the Puffin Baby and Toddler Treasury and it is perfect.

It has over 50 nursery rhymes and some stories to boot including Spot, The Tale of Tom Kitten and The Snowman, all with lovely illustrations.

It’s exactly what I was looking for, I’m over the moon to find it and  it was an absolute bargain….only $6! I can’t wait for us to read it with her!

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