I’m writing this post as motivation to me!

Last week was a tough week. We don’t know why? Maybe it was tiredness, missing family, adjusting back to our routine, the weather….who knows….but we need to shake it off and get on! Everyday seemed like a challenge and I felt like we weren’t achieving anything but sitting thinking about it this weekend we actually did a lot last week so I thought I’d write it all down to look back on and motivate me next time we have one of those weeks.

This week we…

Rang the swim school and put our name on the wait list for a baby class.

Flossie started enjoying bath time especially playing with her new rubber duckies.





We got 3 loads of washing done, I find laundry a particularly difficult task since Flossie was born!

We went to our exercise class twice.

We had a mid week ice cream treat.


We went to our baby class.

We managed to beat the heat early one morning and have half an hour outside under a tree.

We visited friends.

We made chickpea and basil burgers and Santa Fe Chicken to restock the freezer.


We made cookies.

We tried out a new slow cooker recipe and it was a success.

We had a healthy meal every night – no takeaways required!

Chris bought me a cupcake and scone from a vegan bakery which were delicious, he said the bakery is in a questionable area but they were worth it!

We found the perfect nursery rhyme book.


I did some of my sewing…more on that later!

So, looking back I can see we did loads last week and whatever was making me grumpy and feel unproductive wasn’t anything to worry about. This week already started well with a lovely Father’s Day yesterday. We’re feeling better and we’re all set for a more positive week!






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