Last Sunday was Father’s day and oddly, unlike Mother’s day, this holiday is the same in the UK and USA so my Grandads and Daddy celebrated at the same time.

This time last year Mummy and Daddy were in Disneyland, this year, unfortunately, they didn’t take me to Disneyland, we had to celebrate in the 118F heat. Needless to say we stayed indoors and went for a trip around the mall.

I treated Dad to his lunch, Mummy wanted to take Daddy to one of his favourite restaurants but it was so busy there was no room for my pushchair. I can’t sit in one of those uncomfortable looking high chairs yet, I prefer the comfort of my car seat anyway!  We went to Five Guys instead, it had plenty of  room, Daddy enjoyed his burger very much. Later, while I was having my afternoon snack he went and got an ice cream treat from Shake Shack. He didn’t bring me any but I supposed it was Father’s Day, not Daughter’s Day….I wonder when that is?!


Mummy helped me make a card for Daddy and we bought him a balloon which we hid under the stairs until Sunday, there are a lot of balloons in this house! While we were in England I bought Daddy his present, a mug, as I have noticed he drinks a lot of coffee and should have his own special cup that Mummy can’t pinch. I enjoyed dragging it around my playmat, showing off that I can grip things now!



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