I am 3 months old!


This month was very exciting as I went on my first holiday. We flew home to the UK and I met all of my grandparents and uncles and family and friends for the first time. It was very exciting and I had such a nice time. I enjoyed the fresh air, going out in my pushchair and wearing my bear-eared suit!


Daddy had a week off work and I really enjoyed spending so much time with him. We went on lots of walks and day trips, it was great fun!

I’ve become very interested in “things”…blinds, light fittings and wallpaper are my favourites.

I’ve also started taking Daddy to a baby class where we sing songs and shake rattles, it’s a lot of fun but he doesn’t know all the words to the songs yet!

Things I love…

Dory – I love Dory the fish. This is my favourite toy. I like that it speaks to me and has huge eyes that I track and follow all around.


Babbling –  I really enjoy talking to people! Their replies don’t make much sense, I think we might be speaking a different language but they’re fun conversations

Trying to roll over – this is very frustrating. I can get onto my side but then my arms get in my way. I’m going to keep practicing and soon I’ll be able to escape!


Smiling- I love to smile, I make sure I give mummy and daddy a great big smile every morning and then they don’t seem so cross that it’s still dark outside when I wake up!


Bath time – Grandma and grandad had bought me a huge baby bath which I loved in the U.K. I could kick my legs and not feel like I was going to fall out of the sling. Now that we’re home Mummy has removed the silly sling from my bath and I can sit like a big girl and kick my legs at my new rubber duckies. I love my rubber duckies, I haven’t cried in the bath since we got home….except when I have to get out because that means the fun is over, it’s cold and it’s bed time!


Hands- I have 2 hands at the end of my arms…who knew?!! I’m very much enjoying exploring them by stuffing them in my mouth at every opportunity!


Things I dislike….

Sitting down – I have finally found my comfortable position to be carried….forward facing and bouncing, stood up, it makes me so happy. Mummy and daddy occasionally try to sit down and bounce me  but I can tell that I’m sitting down and this makes me sad so I tell them off for being lazy!


Bed – sometimes I like to make mummy and daddy work hard at nap or bedtime and scream as soon as I’m put down. Unfortunately they switch on a hairdryer noise which knocks me out to sleep, I’m learning to fight it though!

Putting clothes on – why do some clothes have to go on over my head?! You have to squeeze and squash to get them on then wriggle down. I think all clothes should be poppers all the way down, much more comfortable and convenient!

My funniest moments this month include my new sad face, Mummy says I could nearly trip over my bottom lip! Mummy and Daddy also like the faces I make while I’m being burped, I have a good range!





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