June has been a funny month, I wasn’t even aware it was over until people kept asking me what I was doing at the weekend because it was the 4th of July! Here’s 10 things we’ve enjoyed this month…

  • Getting back into our routine has been tricky, both Flossie and I have struggled more with the return journey than the trip home. Which is unusual as the time difference is worse going to the UK but for some reason we had a few tricky weeks (hence my motivational Monday post!). We’re back on track now and although our routine is constantly changing we’re doing better at coping with it.
  • Starting a baby class that Chris can attend. We found one that’s about the right age range and at a convenient time…not an easy task! Flossie is stil a bit too young to join in properly but it can’t do her any harm and she seems to enjoy the singing, bouncing and bubbles!
  • We started swim class this month. We’ve only had 1 lesson so far but it was brilliant. We weren’t sure how she would take to the water but she was an absolute star, no tears until we had to get out!
  • We’ve managed to have a few relaxing weekends which is unusual for us, we’re usually always on the go but we needed a bit of time to catch up on sleep and sort the house out. Now we’ve done that, we can start planning adventures again!
  • We celebrated our first father’s day. We had a lovely day out.
  • We’ve managed to try out quite a few new recipes this month. A slow cooker French dip sandwich with caramelised onions was our surprise favourite and I’m sure it’s going to become a regular feature!
  • Once Flossie is in bed we’ve been enjoying watching Veep, it’s very funny and our favourite character is Gary.
  • The Copa America Centenario held a game in Phoenix and Chris got to go and watch the USA play Colombia. He had a fun afternoon out with our friends.
  • We have found a new Starbucks which is big enough for our stroller and so far has been lovely and quiet, even on the weekends. It also has a lovely patio that we might be able to enjoy when the weather cools down! Sounds daft but it’s nice to have a place to go that’s easy, the stroller can make going out very stressful!
  • In an attempt to be less dependant on the stroller, we are persevering with the baby carrier. We are making some progress, she will now be carried facing in and we’ve had a few successful trips to the supermarket with it!






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