Two out of three seems to be a theme when it comes to achieving goals in this house!

Time has escaped us and we haven’t quite finished the nursery, we still need a crib sheet and a general tidy up before its fully functioning!

We have however made good progress on the cooking front… I made dairy free chocolate and cherry muffins, dairy free chocolate chip cookies AND two new slow cooker recipes, both of which we highly recommend… French dip sandwiches  and Salsa verde chicken chilli

Most weeks we’re managing to go to our exercise class at least 3 times a week which I’m very pleased about, even if some days I would rather just curl up on the sofa and collapse!

This month we would like to…

1. Get Flossie into the habit of being fed from a bottle at least one feed, every other day or so. This will give us all a bit more flexibility in our schedule!

2. Watch My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. I’m not sure we’ve watched a film since Flossie was born, I really hope it’s as good as the original!

3. Go to the grocery store every week with Flossie. A car seat and a shopping trolley is a tricky combination but if we keep practicing with the carrier I should be able to “wear” Flossie to the supermarket and it’s one less job we’ll have to do at the weekend all together.


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