This weekend I went on my first real holiday. We took a road trip to California. Daddy drove us and Mummy sat in the back to entertain me. It’s quite a long drive but it was fun. We sang songs, had chats and Mummy dangled Squirt, my toy turtle, infront of me for hours so I could play.

We stayed in a hotel in Newport Beach which is very different from our house. I didn’t have my bouncer or play mat so I used the Boppy as a seat on the bed, I like to sit up so this was great!

I had a lovely time. We walked along boardwalks and piers, we had picnics in parks, paddled in the Pacific Ocean and built sand castles. Every time I woke up we were somewhere new.

Mummy and Daddy showed me where they got married in Laguna Beach. I bought a bucket and spade with my holiday money and Daddy helped me make a sand castle on the beach. We also ate ice cream in their favourite ice cream shop.

We spent a lot of time outdoors which was great. I got to play on the picnic blanket with Daddy and tummy time is much more enjoyable when there are trees and birds to watch. I saw two baby hawks in the park, some turtles and lots of pelicans. I also saw lots of people playing the new Pokemon game which I really don’t understand!

Mummy and Daddy took my new carrier which is very comfortable. I can see everything as we go around so I don’t miss out. Unfortunately it may be a bit too comfortable as I fell asleep twice in it…Mummy and Daddy seemed very pleased about this. I believe they ate ice cream while I was asleep…..but they didn’t save me any! Luckily it has a hood so I didn’t get any dropped on my head!

For once Mummy and Daddy were pleased that I like to get up early because it meant we could go for a walk before the sun got too hot, it was nice and cloudy in the mornings. We also went for breakfast twice and sat outside. On Sunday we had doughnuts for breakfast as a special treat. I enjoyed smiling at the bakery staff through the window.

On the way home I was tired out so I had a good long sleep. I heard Mummy and Daddy saying that they were very pleased that the journey home was uneventful as apparently last time they went to Newport Beach the road collapsed in bad weather so it took them an extra day to get home!

Keep Calm and Carry On Linking Sunday


  1. Thank you for sharing this on #KCACOLS I loved reading about your holiday and looking at the photos. My favourite photo features all three of you together relaxing on what looks like a blue beach towel.

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