Hot, fresh doughnuts in about 10 different flavours was what greeted us as we stepped through the door of Sidecar doughnuts&coffee in Costa Mesa.



The shop was teeny tiny but everything is handmade-you can see them making fresh batches of doughnuts in the back. The staff were lovely even though they were busy at 7am. It was difficult to pick flavours to try as they all sounded and looked great. There was a peach doughnut with fresh peach and cream on top which looked delicious but very messy to eat. We sampled the cinnamon crumb, salted caramel, maple with bacon and coconut instead. Our favourite was the coconut which had a really nice flavour and was covered in giant flakes of coconut. It was a close call as they were all delicious and we would happily try all their other flavours!  The Americano coffee was one of the best we’ve had from a restaurant, an important fact in the coffee and doughnut breakfast!

Understandably it’s a very popular place, luckily we got there early and there was a nice table free outside. By the time we left the queue stretched halfway across the carpark and people were leaving with huge boxes of hot doughnuts. We’ll definitely be back if we’re in the area again, a fantastic holiday treat!


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