I am 4 months old!

I haven’t been for my 4 month check at the doctors yet, so I don’t know how long or heavy I am! It’s been a busy month, we went on our first holiday and  I transformed from a stationary, quiet baby to a rolling, babbling baby. The changes this month might be Mummy and Daddy’s favourite so far! We celebrated the 4th of July, I started swim class and I had my first real giggle.

Things I love….

Rolling over – First I went from front to back and now I can turn from back to front like a pro. I’m fast! Now I can do this I’m desperate to move, I stretch and grab at my play mat but so far I don’t quite have the strength…I’m working on it though!


Chatting – I love to chat to anyone that will listen or even if I’m on my own. Mummy lets me watch videos of myself babbling and I love to smile and talk back.

Mirrors – I enjoy smiling at the baby I see every time I look in the mirror. She’s very happy!


Toys – I really enjoy playing with my rattles. I can shake them and put them in my mouth. I can grab Belly The Elephant and crinkle his ears. I can turn the pages of my Nemo book and I really enjoy batting Squirt the turtle, especially on long car journeys.

Carrier – I love the new carrier Mummy and Daddy bought me, it’s very comfy and I like to sleep in it!


Things I dislike…

Dribbling – I still have a lot of dribble and this makes my clothes wet and my chest sore. Luckily Mummy has a never ending supply of bibs that I can wear to help keep me dry!

Lying still while I’m feeding – Especially if Mummy is covering me up…I can’t see what’s going on. I like to grab the cover and try to escape!

Sleeping in a normal position – I like to rotate while I nap!

My funniest moments this month include rolling over every time Mummy tries to take my picture and pulling really hard on the toys of my play gym until they fly off or hit me on the head!


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