This month we’ve finally achieved all three of our goals! Yippee!

Flossie is an absolute star and so far will take a bottle of expressed milk whenever we need her to. This is great as it means Chris can be involved in feeding her and on a selfish note means I’ve been able to go out for longer than 2 hours and not have to rush home to feed her……FREEDOM!!

We watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 while we were in California. While it’s not as hilarious as the first film, it was still pretty funny. All the original characters were there and some of the jokes were carried over. The storyline was pretty much non-existent but it was easy to watch and funny, two very important qualities in my film choices!

Every week Flossie and I have been tackling the grocery story. I wear her around the shop and get a lot of comments on how cute she looks. It’s working well until it comes to getting a product off the bottom shelf. If I’ve been to my exercise class in the morning, it can be hard to squat that low without my legs burning!

This month we would like to…

  1. Have a movie night every Saturday. We often end up watching rubbish TV shows once Flossie has gone to bed so every Saturday we’re going to make an effort to watch a film, old or new, together.
  2. Try 2 new breakfast recipes. Every morning at the moment we make porridge so it would be nice to try something different.
  3. Organise my craft supplies. Chris bought me a lovely craft unit for my birthday and it’s still sitting empty. If I organise my supplies that might help me squeeze in some crafting during nap time!

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