In June Mummy and Daddy took me on my first trip to the UK. I was 8 weeks old. I had a lovely time and have now been on 6 aeroplanes!

We went to the airport with lots of luggage and my stroller went through an X-ray machine. I wore a onesie with a zip for easy changing and only needed one outfit for the whole journey!


My first ever flight was from Phoenix to Philadelphia and it took 4 and a half hours. Mummy and Daddy were very worried when we first boarded the plane as I was the only baby and it was silent, I fixed that by crying for a while and making some background noise, they really should play music as people board! Because I’m only little I had to sit on Mummy’s knee the whole time. Mummy held onto me tightly as we took off and then I got to lie on my Boppy for a while. Daddy had read that it was a good idea to feed me as we took off and landed as it helps my ears. I was very happy about this as I got to have lots of food on our journey! When we got to Philadelphia, Mummy took me to change my nappy and poor Daddy waited 20 minutes for my stroller, in the end it was hand delivered by the captain!

Philadelphia airport is boooooooring so I had a nice little snooze in my snazzy new travel pushchair. This thing is awesome! Daddy amazed the air hostesses with how small it folds up and he was even allowed to take it onto the plane on our way to London, it travelled in an overhead locker!

There were a lot of people on our plane and I smiled at most of them as they went past to use the toilets. The noise from the toilets, particularly the click of the lock made me jump every time so Mummy had to work hard at keeping me asleep. I slept for most of the journey on my Boppy which Mummy squished around her seat. It’s a good job Mummy and Daddy ate their tea in Philadelphia because it would have been very tricky to balance a tray of food with me on their knee!

When we got to London I used my shiny new passport for the first time and then Daddy took us into the British Airways lounge. This was the last time he would be able to use it as luckily he doesn’t have to travel as often anymore. Mummy was nervous but I was well behaved and Mummy and Daddy managed to enjoy a bacon sandwich, croissant and coffee in Mummy’s favorite seats before I let them know it was time to go.

I hardly noticed our last flight as it was so short. Unfortunately, although we arrived safely, our luggage did not. All of my lovely clothes, toys and even my bed were missing. We had to have an emergency shopping trip instead of going straight home to bed. Daddy fell asleep in the car on the way home, it’s a good job he wasn’t driving! Luckily, the suitcases both turned up late the next day, I was very happy to be reunited with my Rock and Play!

I really enjoyed flying and I’m looking forward to the other trips we have planned. Mummy and Daddy learned some valuable lessons on my first flights….here’s their top 5 tips…

  1. Sit near the back of the plane as it’s noisier, but try not to be too close to the toilets, the noise interrupts my sleep.
  2. Apologise to fellow passengers and make a joke about trying your best to keep me quiet as you board the plane to try to ease the worried looks some people give when they see a tiny baby sitting near them. Then, remember everyone is allowed or needs to travel and everyone was little once so grow a thicker skin and ignore the looks or comments.
  3. Eat before you get on the plane, there is no room for multi-tasking!
  4. Don’t take an overnight flight as the cabin is super dark which is great for baby sleep, but very difficult for Mummy to stay awake to keep hold of baby…if you drop off to sleep, you drop baby on the floor…..scary!!
  5. Have a teeny tiny, lightweight yet comfy stroller so you can gate check it and not worry too much about it getting destroyed as your fancy stroller is safely at home!





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