I’ve become a little bit (a lot) obsessed with Instagram recently. Particularly between the hours of 2 and 3am where I’m either feeding or soothing Flossie back to sleep. My eyes are too blurry to read small print on my phone but I can look at the pretty pictures. I was looking at Pinterest but that was even more dangerous as the amount of crafts and recipes that I wanted to try in my already non-existent spare time were beginning to add up! I particularly enjoy finding new restaurants in Instagram, either locally or in preparation for our next holiday.

The Baked Bear was an Instagram find and I was disappointed when we didn’t have time to visit on our recent LA trip. Then we realised they had opened a shop right here in Phoenix so we planned a Saturday afternoon treat.

I waited in the car with Flossie as the shop was small, very busy and it was 110F outside. My car has become our personal cafe, we spend a lot of time eating in it!

The Baked Bear specialise in ice cream sandwiches which is one of our favourite but rare treats. If you ever go to Disney World, the ice cream sandwiches from Beaches and Cream are our favorite so far.


You can pick 2 flavours of cookie, one for top and one for bottom or you can mix it up with a brownie or doughnut ice cream sandwich!

They had lots of flavours of ice cream including a soy choc chip for me which actually tasted good for a dairy free ice cream, not the best we’ve had but good enough!

Then, as if that wasn’t enough you can pick a topping to roll the sandwich in. I went with Oreos but next time I’ll copy Chris and try Heath bar pieces for extra crunch.

Next time, if I can persuade Chris to go dairy free we’ll probably share one as they were huge!

Once it gets cooler this would be a great place to add to our treat list!



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