I am 5 months old!

A lot has changed in the last month. I’ve been to the doctors and had more shots. I now measure 25 inches, have at least 2 teeth coming through and I’ve become much more interactive.

Mummy and Daddy say this has been their favourite month yet…..they might say that every month!

We’ve been swimming as a family in the local pool, tried a new music class and signing class, been to a new mummy group, had our first play date and been to a baby led weaning class.

Things I like….

Grabbing. On to anything and everything that passes my way, which leads me on to my second favourite thing….

Putting things into my mouth. Again anything and everything!

Talking. I enjoy making all sorts of sounds especially when mummy lets me watch videos of a baby. I like to talk back to her and smile at her, she looks just like me.(MUMMY NOTE: it is her!)

Toys. I’m having much more fun with my toys now that I can bring both hands together and pull them to my mouth! I have a new ball and car that I love to bite. I also enjoy playing peekaboo under a blanket and playing games in the mirror.

Singing. When we practice songs from our classes I get very excited and have started to smile and laugh more.

Feet. I can now get my feet into my mouth. I spend quite a lot of time eyeing them up and then pulling at them. It confuses me that somedays they’re covered and some days they aren’t?!!

Laughing. I am very good at silent laughing and have managed a couple of real giggles recently. Just need a bit more practice.


Things I dislike…

Not being able to move. I can roll to my tummy and squiggle and squirm and although I can turn through 180 degrees, I can’t quite inch my way forward yet. I’m doing plenty of practice, particularly in my cot so I don’t think it will be too long before I figure it out!


Recently mummy and daddy let me try sleeping in my big girl cot. Mummy slept on the floor beside me, I had plenty of room to turn over but I hung onto the bars tightly just incase. My legs keep getting stuck through the bars as I try to turn around so they let me come back into my bassinet. I overheard them saying that my cot is going to be moved into their room soon, I’m very pleased about that and maybe this time I’ll be less adventurous and try more sleeping less turning?!!

Getting strapped into my car seat. Recently I have started voicing my displeasure of being strapped in. The tears only last a few moments as mummy and daddy often sing me funny songs or do a funny dance and I forget all about it and I’m ready for my adventure!

My funniest moments this month include trying to roll over with a ball in one hand, elephant in the other and a rattle under my arm…or some similar combination…it takes me a few attempts but I keep at it until I manage! Mummy and daddy also love the fact that I recognise and look for them now and always give them a beautiful big smile.





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