Didn’t I just write July’s?!!

Here are 10 things we enjoyed this month…

  • We took a baby led weaning class to learn about starting solid food when the time is right. We also took a  taster class in sign language which we think will be great in a few months.
  • We had a successful weekend trip to the Phoenix art museum.
  • We’ve spent a lot of time playing and introducing new toys and games.
  • We enjoyed a holiday in Colorado.
  • We tried 2 new ice cream shops
  • We had our first play date with new friends which was a lot of fun.
  • Chris has managed to use the baby carrier a few times this month, now the weather is getting (slightly) cooler
  • We found a new house relatively quickly and painlessly.
  • We moved Flossie from sleeping in the Rock and Play to the bassinet. Next step is to her cot!
  • I’ve started to reintroduce milk into my diet so we’ve made cakes and scones to celebrate!!



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