(NOTE: Flossie actually turned 7 months old yesterday, this has been sitting waiting for me to add photos for weeks…oops!)

Oh my! Happy half year birthday to me!!

How on earth have I been here 6 months? Mummy and Daddy say it’s been the best 6 months of their life and I would agree but where did the time go?!!

Being 6 months old means yet more shots…Mummy lost count but there were at least 2 in each leg plus a flu shot and an oral one. I only cried for about 30 seconds and then I was more interested in looking out of the window…don’t want to miss anything!

I measure 26 inches long and when I stretch out, I really do look like a big girl!

This month we’ve been on holiday, moved house and had family to stay. It’s been very busy but great fun.

Things I love….

Giggling. I went through a phase of giggling when Daddy made a silly laugh or Mummy did a funny dance.

Sleeping in my big girl cot. I’ve taken to it very quickly and after a few days of getting my arms and legs stuck through the bars I seem to have perfected the art of flipping onto my stomach the second I’m put down without hitting the sides.

Making new sounds. Aaaah has always been a favourite but ffffff and pppppp are two new and super cute sounds I now like to make. People are starting to make words out of the sounds I make. Mummy is pretty sure I said “love you” once and my Uncle thought I said hello to him the other day! It’s funny to keep them on their toes!

Spinning. My arms are mega strong, Mummy and I practice our push-ups everyday, I can beat Mummy, easy peasy! I can also push up onto my knees, especially in my cot where I have a little more grip. This means that although I can’t quite put them both together and crawl I can magically move a few inches to reach something that was just out of my reach or to rotate through 180 degrees. I like to confuse Mummy and Daddy by switching round in my cot so my feet face the moniter instead of my head!

Toys. I particularly like to play with water bottles, Starbucks cups and straws.

Jumping. I’ve suddenly taken an interest in my jumper. It has lots of toys to play with and I enjoy spinning the mirror and moving the beads. I also love to keep checking the suspension straps to make sure Daddy put it together properly!

Things I dislike…

Food. So far, not so keen! We’re going to keep playing with them as I’m starting to become more interested.

Separation. Sometimes I get put down or passed to someone else. I’m not overly keen on that. I like to keep my eye on Mummy or Daddy at all times, to make sure they’re not up to mischief! It takes me a little while to get used to new people but once I know you, you’re my new friend and get lots and lots of smiles.

Long car journeys. Dear Mummy and Daddy, long car journeys are boring…I don’t care if you want to go and see some rocks or pretty scenery….I’m stuck in my car seat with Mummy singing and trying to entertain me the whole way….I’d rather be free and rolling or carried and exploring! Save the sightseeing until I’m older!!

My funniest moments this month include playing games with my Uncle when he came to visit and with his strong encouragement putting my feet in my mouth at any chance I get!






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