Chris recently celebrated his first birthday as a Daddy. We decided to celebrate by spending time together rather than buying presents and had a lovely 4 day birthday weekend.

We decorated with banners and balloons….because you’re never too old for balloons and decorations!

We ate lots of yummy food over the weekend. We ate breakfast, burgers and even sneaked out for some grown up bruschetta and wine….we must be getting old!

We went to the park, walked up a rock, found a great new restaurant and went for ice cream. It was a busy few days!

Flossie broke the rules and bought Daddy a present….a seasonal book for him to read to her!

One of our favorite treats back home is the Starbucks Christmas Gingerbread Loaf so I found a similar sounding gingerbread cake recipe and made birthday cupcakes. They were delicious, highly recommend the recipe….and we still have half the icing in the freezer for the next batch that will no doubt get made soon!

I also made Chris a “Prosecco pineapple”. Yes, that is a bottle of Prosecco covered in Ferrero Rocher….it made an awesome birthday centrepiece!!

We had a really lovely few days all together celebrating. Only 5 more months till the next birthday in our house!



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