It’s October 31st, it’s still around 90F here….it is HOT for this time of year! We decided to go early in the morning to the Carefree Enchanted Pumpkin Festival to avoid the heat this weekend. This meant we didn’t see any of the activities or events but we did get to see the pumpkin displays before other visitors arrived and take some lovely “pumpkin patch-esque” pictures of Flossie with straw bales and our mini pumpkins. Next year, hopefully we’ll go a few weeks earlier and watch a live pumpkin carving and maybe persuade Chris to join the pumpkin pie eating contest!

There were some intricately carved pumpkins displayed inside cacti.

There were scenes with cleverly positioned pumpkins.

I love how the pumpkins seem to take on a personality with the addition of arms and legs! This was our favorite.


There was a GIANT pumpkin.

We posed for some pictures with our little pumpkin.

Flossie practiced sitting on her own for some cute photos. She was very interested in the straw!

Happy Halloween y’all!!


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