October was one of our busiest months yet. Here’s our top 10 favourite memories this month…

  • We had family stay for most of October. It was lovely to see them and watch them interact with Flossie. She nearly stowed away in the hand luggage! Can’t wait till their next visits!
  • We went to a library festival and a pumpkin festival.
  • We started the next level of swim class. This is a real class compared to the baby class and so far Flossie is taking to it really well. Within a month we’ve managed to build our confidence to get her to go under the water. She seems to really enjoy it most of the time, I think I’m more nervous about it than she is!
  • We celebrated Chris’ birthday with a lovely long weekend.
  • Chris has enjoyed a few early morning walks with Flossie including one morning where a torrential rainstorm suddenly rolled in and he had to run for cover at a nearby clubhouse. He had to ring me to come and pick them up, they were soaked through!
  • We celebrated our wedding anniversary with a Grimaldi’s pizza
  • We found two new brunch spots.
  • We have started going to my exercise class on a Saturday morning together as a family. It’s fun for the dads to join us and all get some exercise together!
  • We explored the hole in the rock at Papago park and had some nice trips to the park.
  • Food was an important part of October! We ate out a lot and Flossie expanded her tastes








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