What does that sign say?! I am 7 months old!

Well, actually, I’ve been 7 months old for a while now, Mummy has just been busy again! I need to fill you in on my important developments….I’ve grown to 26 inches and I got my first tooth! I’ve been very brave about it. Mummy and the doctor have been able to feel it for a few months now and then suddenly “pop” it’s through!  Now we just have to wait for the rest and the dribble they’ll bring! Also, don’t expect to see a picture of my tooth anytime soon, I like to keep my mouth firmly closed when I see a camera being waved about!

Things I love…

Eating. I really enjoy trying new foods. It took me a few weeks but I now enjoy banana, avocado, butternut squash, yoghurt, sweet potatoes and pears.

Sitting. I finally realise that sitting up could be useful and can manage for a few mins at a time. I’m pretty wobbly but can I tripod for a while, people say it won’t be long until I’m more solid, I just need to practice.

Speaking. I’m still working on my sounds….hiiii is still my favourite

Drinking. I can drink from a straw! Not a 100% success rate but I’ve had enough small sips to know what to do.

Toys. I’m really enjoying thrashing my toys around whether they’re rattles or soft toys, I like to shake them around. Although my absolute favorite toy this month is a pack of baby wipes, I love to try to get a hold of them ever time they’re near me. Oh, and plastic bottles, they’re still fun too!

Labels. I LOOOOOOVE labels. My favorites are the long one on the Boppy and the ones attached to the side of my changing mats. To be honest I’ll play with and eat any label I can find but these are my particular favorites right now.

Things I dislike….

Getting dark. Now it’s getting darker earlier (even though Arizona doesn’t follow daylight saving!) I dislike going out late in the afternoon as it gets dark and I’ll cry in my car seat on the journey home as I think they’re trying to get me to go to sleep!

Car seat. That leads me on to my next complaint. Being strapped into my car seat. I like to wail every time I’m being strapped in, just to make it clear that I’m not happy. Often Mummy and Daddy will start singing funny songs to me or dancing and then suddenly I’m on my way and I forgot I was upset. They’re a tricky pair those two!

Photos. Mummy and Daddy like to take a LOT of photos of me. I’ve got them sussed. I know that the pink and blue rectangles are cameras and they want me to look at them and smile….NO!!….catch me if you can! I particularly like to look or roll away from them just to make them work a little harder, I’m a real monkey!

My funniest moment this month include the faces I pull when eating, playing games with my car seat cover and grinning all the way through swim class.






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