They had some fun Thanksgiving songs today at our class. I thought I’d write them here so I can remember them for next year and you can all have a secret little sing-a-long while reading this!

To the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat….

The pilgrims sailed away, far across the sea

They came to America, so they could be free

The native Americans, helped them plant the corn

Then they shared a great big feast, Thanksgiving Day was born

To the tune of If You’re Happy and You Know It….

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you? (clap twice)
Hello Mr. Turkey how are you? (clap twice)
With a gobble, gobble, gobble and a wobble, wobble, wobble (clap twice)
Hello Mr. Turkey how are you how are you?

To the tune of I’m a little Teapot…

I’m a little turkey
Short and Fat
Thanksgiving Day is coming
Now what do you think of that ?
I had better run as fast as I can
Or your mommy will roast me in a pan!

They’re really quite catchy!





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