Is it a pot of jam?!

I found this jam, or jelly as they call it here, advent calendar in Costco. A really fun idea if you like trying different flavours of jam. Made by Bonne Maman so you know they’ll taste good and if you don’t get round to eating a pot a day, you can save them for travelling or picnics!

Or, is it a dog treat?!!


This advent calendar is for dogs! It’s huge and was in Tk Maxx. It has a treat in every drawer for your dog. There really is something for everyone!

There are quite a few unusual advent calendars in the shops this year. Unlike in the UK, chocolate calendars are very rare and even picture calendars are hard to find. I love opening the tiny paper window everyday to reveal a Christmassy picture so luckily ours arrived in the post last night, just in time for Flossie to help us open it today!



5 comments on “WHAT’S BEHIND THE DOOR?

  1. We picked up one like this at Trader Joe’s for Samuel (five). It really helps him to see how many days are left. So does a chain link garland, but you can’t eat it, so… lol

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