I am 8 months old! Luckily, that doesn’t come with any extra injections, I’m allowed to just grow in peace!

This month has flown by as we’re getting settled back into a new routine. I’ve become a lot more aware of things and Mummy and Daddy have seen a lot of changes in the things I can do. I now know that when I sit in my high chair and I see the pink bowl, I’m going to get fed. I know that if Mummy or Daddy hold out their fingers and I grab them, they’ll help me sit up. I know that things can disappear and reappear and I know who to look for when Mummy asks me “where’s Daddy?”

Things I love….

Pajama Time. This is the book that Mummy and Daddy read to me just before bed. I recognise the rhythm or the words because I start to get excited when I hear the words before the book has even been taken off the shelf. I sit with a huge grin on the reader’s knee and help to turn the pages every night.

Clips. I’ve moved on from labels this month, I mean, I’ll still play with them if there’s nothing else but clips are even better! Particularly the ones on the carrier or corners of the play mat!

Peekaboo. Whether it’s in a mirror or through the car boot, burying my head into mummy and daddy’s bed or under a blanket, peekaboo is my favourite game at the moment.

Daddy. My face lights up every time Daddy comes home. He does funny dances for me, runs me around the house and makes me smile and giggle every time we play together.

Flaps. I love lifting the flaps in books. I’m not really interested in what’s underneath them yet but I enjoy folding back the flaps and trying to eat them!

Jumper. I really enjoy bouncing in my jumper now and playing with the toys. I wasn’t sure about it for quite a while but now I bounce like Tigger!

Things I dislike….

Face wiping. After I eat, I have to have my face wiped with a damp cloth….yuck!

Teeth. My first tooth was kind to me. My second tooth and now possibly my third are not so fun. I’m pretty good at forgetting about them when I’m busy but at sleep time they are being a real pain!

Spoons. Having to be fed off a spoon is soooo slow! I much prefer to eat with my hands, I like to chase the food around my tray and my pincer grip is definitely improving. Mummy insists we use the spoon for yoghurt,  but I can’t wait until all of my food can be finger food!

Sunshine. I’m still not a fan of getting sun in my eyes. I have a cool pair of sunglasses to wear but I prefer to eat them instead of wear them!

There have been a lot of funny moments this month. Daddy likes it when I pull the blanket off the sofa and try to hide to play peekaboo. Mummy loves when I crane my neck and really stretch to peer if I think I know whose around the corner.




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