It’s December 8th already?! Oops, bit late again with our November round up but here’s 10 things we enjoyed in November!

Swimming classes are going well. We now got underwater every class and the last few weeks Flossie has really been enjoying it and starting to splash and kick her legs.

Flossie is starting to do things with purpose now. Waving has been one of her greatest achievements this month. It’s definitely an intentional movement now rather than an accidental one. She’s also getting much better at feeding herself and knows where the food needs to be in her hand to get in her mouth…..although we do still end up with a lot in our hair and eyes!

We tried a Chestnut Praline Latte from Starbucks and really enjoyed it. The word Chestnut has always put us off but it was actually sweet and nutty, similar to hazelnut really. Don’t think we can be persuaded to try an egg nog latte, that’s a red cup too far!

Night time sleep has much improved in our house! Flossie is sleeping most nights from 7 till 4. So far she’s done this naturally without us needing to sleep train, we just had to wait 7 months, but I know everything can change at a moments notice so I’m not counting my chickens just yet. We still have our not so good nights and coffee is still our best friend but we’re heading in the right direction!

We had a lovely mini holiday for Thanksgiving in San Diego.

Flossie had her first play in a swing. She was more interested in the girl on the swing next to her than the  swing itself!

We’ve had a couple of picnics, making the most of the cool weather.

We’ve done a lot of laughing this month. Mainly at Flossie and her ability to spread food everywhere, blow bubbles into her food, make loud unexpected noises, thrash her toys around and grin a lot.

We’ve made some progress decorating our new house. It’s slow going with so many distractions but we’re getting there.

We enjoyed our last family swimming trip to the pool. I doubt we’ll go again until next spring, the water was pretty chilly!



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