Obviously food plays a huge part in our holidays. Our trip to San Diego was no exception. Flossie had to make do with yoghurt and vegetables but we managed brunch everyday!

We had brunch at our favorite restaurant Great Maple twice. They have delicious egg dishes and the maple and bacon doughnuts are amazing! They also have really good breakfast potatoes made with fingerling potatoes which we’re going to try to recreate at home.

We visited Liberty Public Market a new-to-us indoor food market which has lots of different vendors inside. It was hard to pick what to eat but we plumped for some empanadas which were very tasty, like a pasty in shape but with much more interesting fillings and a lighter, crispier pastry. They had a lovely large outdoor patio to sit at once you had collected your food from the different stalls. It would be great for a group of people if everyone was in the mood for something different.


Last year we visited Breakfast Republic. This year they have a new, bigger restaurant also at Liberty Market. Luckily we arrived early on Sunday morning to snag a table as they only have 8 indoor tables and the rest were outdoors, soaking wet because it was raining! We had a breakfast quesadilla which was a first and was very tasty and fresh. It went nicely with the pancake flight we shared…oreo, cinnamon roll and apple pancakes…yum yum!

As Flossie’s bed time was around 6pm we had a few bed-nics. Eating in bed, watching TV, in my pajamas is one of my favorite things to do on holiday! Just across the road from the hotel was the Carnitas Shack. Sort of a take on Shake Shack except with pork based dishes instead of burgers. We both had the tacos filled with carnitas, guacamole and salsa. Very nice but very messy to eat in bed!


Thanksgiving dinner was a bit of a disaster. Last year we ate at Seasons 52 which is a reasonable “nice” restaurant. We didn’t think a small baby was a great idea for this restaurant so we had planned to go elsewhere. However, when we turned up only Seasons 52 or Eddie V’s Steakhouse were open….. We definitely couldn’t take a baby to a $50+ steakhouse so we made a last minute reservation at Seasons 52 and tried our best to make sure Flossie was in the best mood possible. 4pm (5 pm AZ time) is getting close to bedtime and is not her greatest time when she had spent all day cooped up in the car. Luckily the restaurant was very busy and noisy and there were plenty of other children there to deflect some of the attention. I think we would both have felt much more comfortable eating at a more child friendly place like Cheesecake Factory or Chipotle but everywhere, unsurprisingly, was closed. We wolfed our food down including an entire Thanksgiving dinner which came with a pumpkin pie pudding.  We must have been in and out in 20 minutes flat! We think it was nice but ate it so fast neither of us can really remember!


Chris found Extraordinary Deserts online and it definitely lived up to it’s name. They had a huge selection of fancy deserts. We went for two of the smaller ones. A brownie cheesecake and one of the most amazing scones we’ve ever eaten. Pumpkin and apple with some sort of sticky yummy glaze, we almost got a second one for later!


As you can see, quite an impressive amount of food for such a short holiday!



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