Relaxed would be the word I would use to describe Christmas this year. We were pretty well prepared in advance. The presents were wrapped before Christmas Eve this year and I managed to send most of our cards.

We decided to take a break from the traditional Christmas lunch and instead we had our favorite, roast beef sandwiches with Lurpak and Seabrook crisps. This meant that both of us got to spend all day playing with Flossie and we didn’t have to try to squeeze meal prep around nap and Skype times. Flossie had roast beef and carrots for her lunch and seemed to enjoy both! We still managed to enjoy our brussels sprouts this year but had them for breakfast! Oven roasted with bacon, maple syrup, parmesan and eggs, they were delicious.

We made the rest of our festive food in advance, which is great as we still have plenty to eat days after Christmas. The freezer is stocked with courgette and stilton soup and two types of cookie dough. We’ve enjoyed gingerbread reindeer cupcakes and we’re making our way through a blueberry cheesecake! It’s a good job the weather has been nice enough for a few Christmas walks!

Flossie managed to open a few of her presents herself and she enjoyed playing with the wrapping paper as expected! She is just tentatively crawling and enjoyed slowly making her way across the floor. The greatest incentive to move is the laptop and particularly FaceTime. She loves to get to the screen, see who is there and bash the buttons!

She coped with the disruption of Christmas very well, took some good naps and was in a lovely mood all day despite some troublesome teething. She now has some lovely new toys to explore and we’re looking forward to spending time as a family, relaxing and playing!



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