Caffeine has been our friend recently! I’ve started drinking Keurig coffee again and I like to try different brands and flavours. I often forget which ones I like best, so, I thought I’d write myself a list here to help steer me in the right direction next time I’m browsing the coffee aisle.

Green Mountain Hazelnut is my favourite flavored coffee. The Decaf version is good too. I like the Panera Bread Hazelnut K cups as well but they’re trickier to find. For some reason,  I don’t like the Starbucks Hazelnut.

Starbucks Creme Brûlée is super sweet but good if I don’t want to eat anything with my coffee. The same can be said about the Donut Shop Peppermint Mocha, I was very skeptical of how it would taste but it was surprisingly nice at 5am in the morning.

For regular coffee, the Starbucks Holiday Blonde roast blend is great with something sweet to eat as it’s a stronger flavour and the Green Mountain Autumn blend has been a favourite  for a while now. Unfortunately, both of these are seasonal varieties. Now that I’m back into using the Keurig,  I’ll have to try out some other regular coffees to find a replacement. I must remember to stock up on my favorites next year!


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