New year, new breakfast joint!

We’ve wanted to try the Hash Kitchen for a while now and boy oh boy we are glad we did!

We went to the new location and it is beautifully decorated, open and airy. The table layout is excellent for babies, especially with our clip on highchair.

All of the staff we spoke to were very friendly, chatty and actually seemed to enjoy their job which made the whole experience even more positive.

We went on a Tuesday morning and it was still pretty busy. I would imagine at weekends it will be very popular, they have outdoor seating and a huge bar with a build it yourself Bloody Mary station. Neither of us drink Bloody Marys but I did see a lot of fantastic looking drinks passing our table!

On to the food….the main event!

The menu is massive, with a lot of interesting sounding dishes, with a twist on regular breakfasts.

We played it relatively safe. I like to judge a breakfast place on it’s pancakes so we had the pancake sampler. Four mini pancakes. One carrot cake, one lemon and ricotta, one s’mores and one oreo pancake. It was HUGE, and my one criticism is they need a bigger plate to serve it! I think a pancake sampler is my favourite breakfast meal at a new restaurant as you get to try out all the flavours and sometimes find an unexpected favourite. I expected to like the carrot cake best and the lemon and ricotta least. Nope….The carrot cake pancake was topped with crispy pieces of sweet potato which gave it an interesting texture, but, the lemon and ricotta with marscapone was soooo delicious that it won the award of top pancake for me! Chris enjoyed the s’mores pancakes best which worked out well that we each have a different favourite!


The savory option was much harder to choose as there were so many different options. We went with something that Chris would usually prefer, Carnitas Hash. It was a hash with braised pork, green chili, roasted corn, avocado and coriander. Again, it was huge, overflowing off the plate! It was also absolutely delicious. I’m not as big a fan of these flavours for brunch but I could have easily cleared the plate! It even came with tortillas on the side incase the main event wasn’t filling enough!


Coffee is also important at a breakfast place, it’s often so bad we don’t bother! The regular, filter coffee was good and Chris really enjoyed his cappuccino. Important to remember for next time!

There are about six other dishes on the menu that we could easily have ordered and I was eying up a plate of french toast that passed us by. Maybe next time we’ll branch out a little more!

Needless to say, we left the restaurant stuffed and very happy that we’ve found a new, baby friendly, place to add to our breakfast rotation!




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