Now Flossie is getting bigger, clothes are more important. If I take her out in a one piece suit, people comment that she’s still wearing her pajamas! Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with that….they’re comfy and practical, but, she also has so many nice outfits in her wardrobe that it would be a shame for them not to get any wear.

This is one of my favourite outfits and perfect for the colder weather we’re having. I layer a  bodysuit underneath, a cardigan or hoodie on top and if it’s early morning a hat for extra warmth.

The bodysuit is from Gap and says “I Love you a Latte”. I bought the next size up too, I like it so much. It’s soft, pretty and everyone that reads it has a little chuckle to themselves!


The leggings are from Primark. I saw them on instagram and, as I think I mentioned in a previous post, spent hours scouring the internet to track them down. Then I sent Grandma and Grandad on a mission to find them. Worth every second of time spent as they are adorable. They’re soft (an important theme in baby clothes!), knitted, and have penguins in a Fair Isle style. Pretty much everything you could ever wish for in legging form!

As with a lot of Flossie’s clothes, I really wish they came in adult sizes as they are so cute I would love to wear them too!

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