I am 10 months old!

The world has become a completely different place in this last month. I can move around freely and explore all the things I’ve been looking at for the last 9 months. I understand more and more of what Mummy and Daddy are saying and I’m having a lot of fun interacting with them.

Things I love…

Crawling. I’ve mastered this now and can go anywhere I please. Mummy says I sound like a baby elephant thudding across the floor and somehow she can always tell when I stop and I’m contemplating mischief. I occasionally pull or push myself up on things but I haven’t quite figured out the point, I much prefer whizzing around on the floor and squeezing into small gaps.

Signing. Mummy and Daddy keep doing signs with their hands over and over to me, I think they’re supposed to mean something. I recognize one for milk, food, more and all done. I don’t know how to respond yet so I just jump up and down excitedly so they know I understand.  I’m very good at waving. I start waving as soon as I hear the Face Time music as I know that someone will appear soon. I’m also getting better at clapping, which is part of one of my favourite song “If you’re happy and you know it”.

Toys. I love bath toys, both in and out of the bath! I have a shape sorter which I like to empty all over the floor and I really enjoy chasing the pieces. I like to empty boxes, knock over building blocks and, of course, I still love playing with a water bottle!

Books. Books have become a lot more interesting. I have 2 particular favorites. “That’s not my penguin” is fun and I like to turn the book over and open the last page because that is where my favourite fluffy penguin is hiding. I enjoy pulling the fluff off it’s tummy. “Dadda” is also a favourite book as whoever is reading it makes lots of animal noises.

Sounds. I’ve added “Dadda” to my sounds. Dadadadadadadada is usually how it comes across. I know it means something special as Mummy and Daddy seem much more excited about this sound than my normal voice.

Games. I can play games with Mummy and Daddy now. If Mummy hides my toy under the blanket, I will pick the blanket up. If she hides it under her hand, I’ll pull her fingers to move her hand. If she puts it behind me or behind her I will turn around or crawl over her to find it. She can’t trick me! If it’s my favourite toy I’ll be sure to find it! My favourite game is peekaboo, it gets a lot of giggles, laughs and praise. I put my hands over my eyes and when I lift them up Mummy and Daddy shout PEEKABOO! I like to do this with my nappy and the lid of my toy box too.

Things I don’t like…

Nappy changes. Even though Mummy sings songs and Daddy plays games I don’t like having my nappy changed at the moment. I have to lie down and stay still when I’d rather be off adventuring.

Spoil sports. Often when I’m doing something really exciting, Mummy or Daddy will use a new sign and tell me to “STOP”. I’m not sure what it means yet but usually I end up being picked up and plonked back on my playmat. It’s really rather annoying as they’re spoiling my fun and I have to crawl all the way back over to the oven/door stop/ blinds/ chair/ bin and try again!

Car seat. This old chestnut! They keep containing me in this contraption! The more I wrestle, the more silly songs Mummy sings. It’s great once we leave the house because then we’re going somewhere but having to sit strapped in for two minutes while they find their keys is just too much!

Face wiping. Still not a fan.

Eggs and Avocados. I refuse to pick either of these food up, they’re too slippery. Sometimes I’m fed them on a spoon but I’m not daft, I can see them coming and bat them away! I’m too smart to be tricked…I hope Mummy isn’t hiding them in other foods that I’m eating….I love the green porridge that she makes!

Mummy’s favourite thing this month is how happy and smiley I’ve been and the interesting positions I can hold while trying to stand. Daddy’s favourite is that I can now say Dadadadadadadadadadada.


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