Continuing on from last year, we’re going to keep recording 10 positive things each month. Here are 10 good things that have happened this month…

  1. We had a few successful family meals in restaurants.
  2. Flossie is starting to take more of an interest in books so we’ve been able to spend more time reading to her. She loves to turn the pages and still likes to close the book half way through but we’re making progress!
  3. We’ve found six new recipes that Flossie can eat with us.
  1. We’ve spent a lot of time playing as a family.
  2. We’ve made the most of the nice weather days and been for a few neighborhood walks.
  3. We found a new breakfast place.
  1. We’ve been to music and library classes and each week Flossie’s confidence and independence is growing.
  2. We’ve mostly baby proofed our house.
  3. Our Christmas tree survived, unscathed until 12th night.
  4. We’ve been to a few park playdates and I have been to a “Mom’s night out” and a birthday party.



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